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BBC Brings ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Series from AMC Networks to UK Audiences

BBC Buys ‘Interview With The Vampire’ For UK Audiences

The BBC has acquired the UK rights for “Interview With The Vampire” TV series from AMC Networks. Based on Anne Rice’s iconic novels, this seven-part adaptation promises gripping immortal intrigue. It will be available on both BBC Two and the BBC iPlayer, inviting viewers all across the UK.

‘Interview With The Vampire’ Chronicles Love, Blood, and Redemption

The series explores the extraordinary tale of Louis de Pointe du Lac (Anderson), Lestat de Lioncourt (Reid), and Claudia (Bass). It’s a story of love, blood, and the challenges of eternal life, narrated to journalist Daniel Molloy (Bogosian).

Source: Michele K. Short / Sony Pictures Television

Louis, seeking escape from the constraints of 1900s New Orleans, accepts Lestat’s offer to become a vampire. However, these newfound powers come at a violent price, leading to a decades-long journey of vengeance and redemption with the introduction of Claudia, Lestat’s latest creation.

Stellar Cast Joins ‘Interview With The Vampire’ as BBC Expands Catalog

Source: AMC

The show stars Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones), Sam Reid (The Newsreader), Bailey Bass (Avatar: Way of Water), Eric Bogosian (Succession), and Assad Zaman (Hotel Portofino).

Sue Deeks, Head of BBC Programme Acquisition, praises the series for its captivating performances specially by Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid. BBC’s recent acquisitions include Australian crime dramas Scrublands, Black Snow, and Season 2 of the comedy Colin From Accounts.