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10+ Of The Best Burns From The 70’s Show That Will Scorch You

The 70’s show is back!

Okay, don’t celebrate yet because it’s not. However, we decided to live the best moments of that show today. And everybody knows the best thing about the show were the savage burns, right?

So that is why today we are focusing on only that. So you better grab your notebook to take notes and a hose to cool you down when things get too fiery. You might want to call the fire department ahead of time too because your smoke alarm will definitely go off.

Now that I am done exaggerating things, scroll on below and take a look through your nostalgia glasses.

#1 Watching your back. 

#2 Carnation instant b*tch. 

#3 Comprehending its own stupidity. 

#4 A twig in her shorts. 

#5 A full head of hair. 

#6 Second degree burn. 

#7 First moron they meet. 

#8 Squeezing the fun out of funland. 

#9 Waking up in five years. 

#10 The ocotoburn. 

#11 Losing your virginity. 

#12 Liking you in real life. 

#13 Piggyback burn. 

#14 Feels to be a book. 

#15 Offensive to the devil. 

#16 Hate me because I am beautiful.

#17 Grandma burn. 

#18 The free sister. 

#19 Bad luck. 

#20 The ultimate burn compilation. 

So what are your thoughts on this compilation of burns? Did you find these savage remarks as hilarious as us? If I say so myself, I really do miss the 70’s show, but that is not to say that I want it back.

Because let’s be honest, it belongs in the 70’s and there is no need to bring it back. Comment down below and let us know what you thought of these.