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10+ Times Harry Potter Fans Put Dumb Muggles In Their Place

Even I didn’t know some of these.

And I consider myself a huge Harry Potter fan. I mean, I kind of grew with the Harry Potter franchise so I love those movies. That is the reason I am so surprised to see some of these.

As we all know Harry Potter fans are savage af. Just look at J.K Rowling herself and you’ll understand why. But the following posts are some of the best that we’ve curated over the years.

And trust me, if you are in a mood for a laugh, we will surely deliver.  So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 She apparently thought this was a good idea. 

Via prochoicegeneration

#2 And this is how my dream ends. 

#3 Okay, That is too much detail even for me. 

Via imgur

#4 I understand Voldemort’s motivation behind his heinous crimes now. 

Via imgur

#5 Too soon indeed. 

Via salamanderrr

#6 Okay wow, he handled that like a true boss.

Via Dreckerr

#7 This is disgusting but intriguing at the same time. 

Via J3tblack

#8 This might be a better story than the original. 

Via fuckingfunny

#9 Who knew the sorting hat visited a golfing club?

Via willowfield

#10 Oh yes, that was such a mundane death. 

Via murmzeep-and-jinglebin

#11 I wonder why. 

#12 He really wouldn’t do that. 

Via Plott

Did you find this as hilarious as we did? Are you a big Harry Potter fan? If so, why not comment down below and tell us what these guys missed? As always we love to hear from our viewers.