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Artist Illustrates What Would Happen If Famous Movie Characters Got Old & The Results Are Amazing

Let’s imagine something, shall we?

What if all of our favorite Marvel and Disney characters got old? I mean, I know some Marvel characters are immune to aging, but let’s forget that for a while. And let’s just assume that they aged.

What would they look like then? Well, you don’t have to imagine because we already have the answer to that. Not us exactly, it is actually the amazing Lesya Guseva. a Perm-based Russian artist who has the answer.

So just scroll on below and take a look at the future.

Source: Instagram

#1 Thor. 

That hammer can’t be that pristine by now.

#2 The Flash. 

Did he eat too fast? Probably the reason he lost his teeth?

#3 Supergirl and Wonderwoman. 

At least the bird looks happy.

#4 Catwoman. 

Why the saggy boobs though? I did not have to see that.

#5 Harley Quinn. 

Her daughter actually looks quite normal.

#6 Joker. 

Not the right shade for him.

#7 Deadpool. 

I have no idea what the poster says.

#8 Ariel. 

We actually have brushes now.

#9 Spider-Man. 

Seems like a good choice to use that strong thread.

#10 Batman. 

Not the time to sleep right now.

#11 Snow White and Captain America. 

Aww, this is incredibly sweet.

#12 Iron-Man. 

Money can get you places.

#13 Genie and Doctor Strange. 

Doctor Strange is not really into the game and he is cheating!

#14 Superman, Pocahontas And Meeko.

What happened to Superman?

#15 Mickey and Minnie.

Do you think she envisioned the future correctly? Or was something amiss? Why not tell us all about it in the comments below?