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Blu-Ray Versions Of Disney Movies Are Ruining The Originals And We Have Proof

Who doesn’t want to go back to their childhood? 

I know I do. It was a much simpler time when we thought anyone could fall in love with one look and having a waist like a pencil was achievable and normal. You could say most of that was because of Disney animated features.

However, whatever fault they did have, our nostalgia usually masks most of them. Although when you look at the Blu-Ray versions, you can see how Disney has ruined some of the best movies ever.

While you might think Disney wants to preserve these movies and Disney does want to do that exact thing. But they have gone about it the wrong way. Rather than enhancing the detail, they went the route of ‘cleaning up’ everything and that means all the detail that made the movie beautiful in the first place.

Don’t believe me? The following are some of the worst side-by-sides of the original and the Blu-Ray version of the classic Cinderella.

Source: Disney

#1 The new one may look free of grain but that also means no detail in the dress whatsoever.

#2 The fairy dust is much less significant in the new one and her lips just look too bright.

#3 The colors of the Prince’s pants and the poofs of Cinderellas dress have completely changed.

#4 I have no idea why but the linework in the suit has been changed from black to blue.

#5 Much less sparkles in the dress and looks very flat.

#6 The blue dots around Cinderellas hair and yellowish stairs just make this scene look bad.

#7 Where is the light blue under blouse the Fairy Godmother was wearing?

#8 The whole scene is just too green and blue.

#9 What is Disney’s obsession with green and blue?

#10 The supposed ‘stairs’ just look like white lines.

Some people even explained why this is happening.

Why do that much work to make the end product look even worse?

But it just looks worse than before.

I mean the original looks so much more ‘alive’ and fun.

The original had so much more character and color.

While the new one just looks flat with nothing popping out.

I don’t care what you say but that is a different movie.

All of it just looks blurry.

Do you think people are making a big deal out of nothing or are they in the right? Comment down below and let us know.