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Britney Spears Is Most Supportive Anime Mom In The World And We’re Already Proud

Let’s talk about the side of Britney Spears most of you probably did not know before!

For years we have known Britney Spears as the soul of pop music! We have seen her evolve starting from her early days as Disney Mouseketeer, to becoming an all-time favorite pop star, to eventually starting her own reality show Britney has always been one of the best.

But, what else is there that makes her even more awesome? Well, the answer is just that she is an OKATU MOM. She is the world’s most supportive Anime Mom!

Now, let me guess, you’re probably having a hard time believing this if you didn’t already know about it before right? Well, Scroll down and see for yourself!

These paintings are SUPER; you know what I’m SAIYAN!

Check this out. A very rare apparence of Frieza-sama outside of Dragon Ball Z. *OHOHOHO*

His son sure is talented.

It seems like they are die-hard DBZ fans! (Totodile looks great, btw)

Goku in his newest form!

If you look closely, Her son made a sketch of Goku when he first turned into an SSJ back on Namek.

Woah. He even got the Ultra Instinct right. “GOKU ULT”

And that’s not the only Anime he likes.

Here’s to a Pokemon themed birthday party. These guys totally deserve it!

And everyone, let’s not forget that Britney has been familiar with Anime for a long time now. Do you guys remember her song “Break The Ice” from 2008? (It came out during Britney’s breakdown)

For her song, she decided to use Anime for her music video as she didn’t want to be in it herself. In a way she created anime, right? No? Well, check out this hilarious post below.


We love you Pokemom! You are an inspiration to us all!

What do you guys think about this? Comment below and let us know!