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‘The Riddler: Secrets In The Dark’ Spotify Taps Colman Domingo To Voice Batman While Hasan Minhaj Plays The Riddler

Colman Domingo is making his debut in the DC universe as Batman. The award-winning actor, who received recognition this year for his role in Rustin, will voice the superhero in Spotify’s limited series The Riddler: Secrets In The Dark.

Source: Netflix

What do we know about ‘The Riddler: Secrets In The Dark’?

Secrets in the Dark stars comedian Hasan Minhaj, who previously portrayed the Batman villain in Spotify’s Batman: Unburied. The new series, which premieres on October 10, asks Batman to work alongside Edward Nygma (The Riddler) to thwart a mystery vigilante who is assassinating Gotham’s villains, including The Riddler. Winston Duke previously provided the voice of Batman in Batman Unburied.

Source: Bull, Clark / DC

Gina Rodriguez as Barbara Gordon, Calum Worthy as The Messenger, Hannah Simone as Nadira, Peyton Crim as Killer Croc, Jim Pirri as Arnold Flass, Jason Isaacs as Alfred, Ashly Burch as Vicki Vale, Hugh Scott as Calendar Man, Bri Giger as Summer Gleeson, Aflamu Johnson as King Tut, and Amy Argyle as Bat-Tech also star in Secrets in the Dark.

Spotify Audio Series: The DC / Warner Bros. Slate

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Expanding its roster of DC-focused / Warner Bros. projects, Spotify has added to its list of audio series with Harley Quinn and The Joker: Sound Mind. The newest addition to the stable is The Riddler: Secrets In The Dark feauturing (most notably) comedian Hasan Minhaj, executive produced by Phantom Four’s David S. Goyer, Keith Levine, and Gracie Wheelan.