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Disney Characters Re-Imagined As ‘Sex And The City’ Characters And The Results Are Flawless

Disney Couples re-imagined.

What If sex and the city took place in the Disney universe? Have you ever wondered that? Well, if you did, we can certainly give you a definite answer. Well more accurately Isaiah Stephens has the answer.

Yes, the same Isiah Stephens who has done countless other Disney re-imaginations. Every each one unique in it’s own right. So these illustrations are quite amazing as we’ve come to expect from this guy.

Sourse: Isaiah Stephens

#1 Ariel as Miranda, Eric as Steve.

Ariel as Miranda

#2 Jasmine as Samantha, Aladdin as Smith Jerrod.

Jasmine as Samantha

#3 Belle as Charlotte, Beast as Harry, Lumiere as Anthony.

Belle as Charlotte

#4 Cinderella as Carrie, Prince Charming as Mr. Big, Gus Gus as Stanford.

Cinderella as Carrie

Do you think he did the Disney characters justice? Comment on below and let us know what you think about these illustrations.

You can also check out many more of Isaiah Stephens amazing work at his personal website. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.