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Illustrator Adds Disney Characters In Real Life Scenerios With Himself And It’s Hilarious

What if Disney characters were real?

And no I don’t mean as in like human beings. I mean like the world of who framed Roger rabbit. A word where animated characters and humans live side by side. How would that even work?

Well, if you want to know you should go watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Or if you don’t have the time for a whole movie. Why not take a look at what this talented Illustrator has in store for us?

The artist behind this is Luigi Kemo Volo from Italy who is a graphic designer, as well as an illustrator. So if you want to see your childhood dream come true, scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

#1 Chilling with Patrick while watching a movie.

#2 Is he as cuddly as he looks?

#3 Probably not what he asked for.

#4 Ariel should really wear secure clothing.

#5 How can Baloo even float?

#6 Fun in the sun with Lilo and Stitch.

#7 Won’t Olaf melt because of the sheets?

#8 The best of friends.

#9 All of us should be open to trying new things.

#10 Mushu cares about your health.

#11 That’s gonna take a lot more shaving cream.

#12 And also a lot of wax.

#13 Ariel’s father might not approve.

#14 He will take away the back pain.

#15 Dalmations are just adorable.

#16 These many tentacles can come in handy.

#17 Is sleeping in mid-air really that much more comfortable?

#18 You might wanna hold on with two hands.

#19 I think the umbrella is a tiny bit too small.

#20 Ariel will not be too happy.

#21 Simba is probably hungry.

#22 Lady and the Tramp sure. This? A big no.

#23 We all knew this was gonna happen.

#24 Lumiere needs to be illuminated.

#25 You’re gonna need a bigger hairdryer.

#26 Never talk to strangers in the sewer.

#27 Hades always helps his bros.

#28 Feeling sad? Sadness will always be there for you.

#29 Jerry will always have the upper hand.

#30 The final frontier. Turning yourself into an animated character.

What did you think of these? Comment down below and let us know.