This is How Disney Characters’ Sex Lives Could Look Like

Listen, Disney must have started out as an exercise to entertain kids. But remember: Kids Grow Up!

And it is one of these naughty little kids that one day got up and decided to re-imagine many Disney characters and take a look at their sex lives.

Don’t blame us.

And don’t let the kids read this 😉

No, Ariel!  That’s Not How Sex Works!!!


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Aladdin Should Totally Have used Protection!


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Lumière Doesn’t Understand the Concept of Safe Sex!


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The Other Side of the Mirror is Quite Dirty!

Mirror is Quite Dirty

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The Sheer Betrayal!

The Sheer Betrayal

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Tarzan is WILD!

Tarzan is WILD

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Elsa is in Trouble!

Elsa is in Trouble

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So, what do you think of this quirky series?

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