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Disney May End Up Buying Part of 21st Century Fox And We’re Super Excited!

Disney’s purchase of  21st Century Fox’s movie and TV divisions is reportedly almost a done deal, with an official announcement possibly coming next week. Last month, news broke that the House of Mouse is looking to purchase key components of the multinational mass media Fox corporation. Those Disney and Fox talks didn’t result in a deal, but left the door open for future negotiations between the two companies. A potential Disney/Fox deal is now back on the table – and from where it stands, it appears as though the sale could go through this time around.

Imagine the Disney Family Getting So Much Bigger!

Imagine the Disney Family Getting So Much Bigger

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Not only are talks back on, but they’re closing in on a deal that could be announced as early as next week. The value of the Fox assets is more than $60 Billion, which makes the $4 Billion purchase of Lucasfilm seem like chump change in hindsight.

As previously reported if the deal goes through, Disney would buy Fox’s movie and television production assets, while Fox could keep its news, sports, and the broadcast network Fox. The sale arose when 21st Century Fox executives decided they couldn’t compete as well in the marketplace with their film studio (which is hogwash) and instead wanted to focus on honing the news and sports portions of the company.

We Couldn’t Believe it at First Either!

We Couldn't Believe it at First Either

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The specifics of the deal in terms of how things change is wildly unclear. It’s possible Disney keeps Fox as a “separate” studio like Lucasfilm or Marvel Studios and sets up its own executives and hierarchy. Or it’s possible portions of 20th Century Fox (the film studio) are moved to existing Disney assets, like bringing all the superhero movies to Marvel Studios, etc.

Do You Know What This Means?

Do You Know What This Means

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This may be generally good news for Marvel fans who have been dying to see the X-Men and The Avengers exist in the same film universe, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dissecting the possibilities that would come out of this deal. Star Wars fans can also benefit greatly from it, with Disney claiming the distribution rights to the unaltered original trilogy, meaning a Blu-ray release of the first three installments is very much within reach. The package also reportedly includes Fox’s A&E and Star TV networks, its regional sports operation, as well as stakes in both Sky and Hulu; not to mention other IPs like The Simpsons and Avatar.

There’s no guarantee this deal goes through, but we could have some very, very big news heading our way next week that will change the landscape of Hollywood dramatically.

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