How Disney Princesses Will Realistically Look If They #WokeUpLikeThis

Nobody looks this perfect in the morning.

I mean, it’s impossible to have perfect hair and makeup when you wake up. And that’s not even counting the fact that you should never sleep with a full face of makeup.

So I am sure you all know about the quite popular tag #wokeuplikethis. Well, it might be old news for us. That does not apply to our beloved Disney Princesses. So following is how they would look in the morning.

Although I have to say, they still look flawless even with the messy hair.

More info: Isaiah Stephens

#1 Ariel. 

Via Isiah Stephens

Her face says it all.

#2 Aurora. 

Via Isiah Stephens

Well, at least the sleeping beauty woke up.

#3 Belle. 

Via Isiah Stephens

It wouldn’t be like this if she weren’t reading a book all night.

#4 Cinderella. 

Via Isiah Stephens

Who told her to stay out past midnight?

#5 Jasmine. 

Via Isiah Stephens

That parrot is gonna get it.

#6 Mulan. 

Via Isiah Stephens

Maybe the coffee will help.

#7 Pocahontas.

Via Isiah Stephens

Just a big fat no.

#8 Tiana. 

Via Isiah Stephens

She probably woke up from a nightmare.

#9 Ursula. 

Via Isiah Stephens

Other than one strip of hair, she looks just as fabulous as ever.