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Fear The Walking Dead: Dispels A Big Theory And Bridges A Decade Long Narrative Gap

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is a post apocalyptic horror drama TV series. A spinoff of the ‘The Walking Dead’ series, it is set in Los Angeles following the stories of two families who must band together to survive the undead apocalypse. It was created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson for AMC.

Recently in the newest episode of season 8, AMC finally plugged a 10-year long narrative gap and disproved a long standing theory as to the whereabouts of two of the first characters that Rick Grimes encountered in season 1.

What happened to the 2 characters Rick Grimes met at the beginning of his journey?

Duane and Jenny, son and wife to Morgan, were central figures during the genesis of the show. Jenny was already in her undead state when she was introduced and could often be seen lingering near Morgan and Duane, displaying unusual behavior among the zombie population. These habits were out of character for zombies within Robert Kirkman’s live-action universe and now AMC has revealed that she was one of the zombie variants introduced in later seasons, thus explaining why her behavior stood out so much. Morgan was unable to put her down until she bit their son Duane, making it necessary for him to shoot her. This new episode reveals that her body was exactly where Morgan left her, never buried and put to proper rest.

On the other hand, fans have speculated for ages that Duane will come back to the show resurrected but this episode of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has destroyed that theory with the actual story of what happened to him after Jenny’s demise. Here, Morgan returns to King County where Rick Grimes’s story first began, revealing that Morgan was once again unable to bring himself to kill his family. After Duane turned, Morgan locked him in an attic for a decade, which was heartbreaking to hear for most fans. In the end, Duane’s fate was sealed and Morgan finally laid his son to rest alongside Jenny, righting a decade old wrong of never giving her a proper burial.

What’s next for Morgan?

According to actor Lennie James, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ will also serve as the final goodbye for Morgan.

“This is it for me. He’s been around long enough. For me to pick up the stick again, it would have to be an amazing storyline…I’m not interested in repeating myself with Morgan at the moment. I think it would kind of slightly tarnish his legacy.”

Lennie James to CBR