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The Golden Globes Have A New Owner! What’s Next After The HFPA Dissolves?

The Golden Globe Awards are accodlades that were bestowed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which recognized excellence in both American and international film and television. They began in January of 1944, almost 79 years ago. Now the Golden Globes have a new home, and the HFPA is about to dissolve. Here’s what we know:

Who owns The Golden Globe Awards now?

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The Golden Globe Awards are set to shift into a new era since Dick Clark Productions and US billionaire Todd Boehly’s Elridge company have purchased the rights, assets and properties of the awards show from the Hollywood Foreign Press. It was announced on Monday, and as a result, the HFPA is going to close it’s doors. In the future, all proceeds are going to go towards the new Golden Globe Foundation, focusing on “entertainment-related charitable giving.”

“We are excited to close on this much anticipated member-approved transaction and transition from a member-led organization to a commercial enterprise.”

Helen Hoene, President of HFPA

Why is the HFPA intended to shut down?

Last year, allegations of corruption, racism and amateurism gave way to an industry-wide boycott of the Globes and the HFPA. A wholesale reform of the awards was definitely in order which, according to Boehly will lead to “the evolution of the Golden Globes.” All of this began when the controversy faced by the annual awards show over the past two years piled up, and rightfully so, since there were no black members on the committee and some members were also accused of “accepting thousands of dollars in emoluments” all of which led to NBC to not air the show in 2022.