Here Are The Halloween Treats At Disney California And They’ll Just Make Your Mouth Water

We Are All Aware Of The Holiday Celebrations In  Disney California Adventures By Now.

Why is this special you ask? Well because Disney has never decorated and celebrated Halloween at California Adventures. This time however, it is glaringly different.

So the whole California Adventures is decorated with festivities. That also mean there are many new treats that they have brought out. Now I don’t know about you but the following pictures surely left my mouth watering.

The following is what you can expect if you visit Disneyland Resort before 21st October.

The Heavenly Chocolate Bat Wing Cookie.

The Heavenly Chocolate Bat Wing Cookie

This is the first chocolate cookie ever produced in California Adventures and we are glad that it is. It is the perfect ratio of soft and chewy.

Raspberry Bat Wing Sundae.

Raspberry Bat Wing Sundae

This one is even more delicious than the above treat. Why? Because it has the chocolate bat wing cookie placed above the scrumptious raspberry ice-cream topped with raspberry sauce.

Spider Silk Ice-Cream Sandwich.

Spider Silk Ice-Cream Sandwich

This desert not only looks good. It tastes fantastic too with its charcoal and tart cherry ice cream perfectly placed between perfectly baked macaron.

Monster-Mallow Donut.

Monster-Mallow Donut

Now these might look cute. They are however even more delicious than they look. The marshmallow filling is just as fluffy as you could imagine.

Mac & Cheese Cone.

Mac & Cheese Cone

Now you might think that this is a weird idea. However if you are a fan of pasta, cheese and spicy food. You won’t be disappointed.

Car-Achnid Pot Pie.

Car-Achnid Pot Pie

What can you even say about this? It is a pot pie with a great punny name. I mean just look at it.

The above treats and savory snacks are just the tip of their delicious pie. You can expect to eat many more scrumptious treats and delicious savory snacks at Disneyland Resort. So what are you waiting for?