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HBO CEO Casey Bloys Expresses Relief As Writers Strike Ends

HBO CEO Casey Bloys Relieved Strike Ended: 'Happy It's Done'

Casey Bloys, the Chairman and CEO of HBO and Max Content, has become the first high-ranking executive to publicly acknowledge the recent end of the writers’ strike. Speaking at the Code Conference, Bloys expressed his relief and satisfaction with the recent resolution of the writers’ strike, which officially concluded at 12:01 am.

Casey Bloys: ‘Hopeful’ that writers strike resolution leaves all parties ‘eager to resume’ work in TV industry

Casey Bloys emphasized his hope that the deal reached between the WGA and the AMPTP leaves all parties content and eager to resume work in the industry.

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“I’m happy that everybody appears to be very happy with the deal that they got. I want everybody to feel that they’ve gotten a good deal and are ready to get back to work.”

Casey Bloys

Casey Bloys Discusses Writers Strike Impact on HBO and Industry’s Uncertain Times

Source: Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Casey Bloys emphasized that the strike would not influence the types of shows HBO plans to produce. He acknowledged the evolving landscape of the TV and film industry, which he described as an “existential” moment, marked by uncertainties stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic’s aftermath and other changes.

Despite these challenges, he was relieved that the strike didn’t extend into the following year.