10+ Hilarious and Spoiler-Free Reactions to “Stranger Things” Season 2

Strange Things

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Holy Netflix! Stranger Things Season 2 is already here and we just can’t stop ourselves from watching the entire season in one go.

But apparently, we’re not the only ones who are either hyperventilating about how awesome it has turned out to be, how great it is to see our favorite characters back in Hawking or are just plain sad that we can’t, maybe, you know, watch it all at once, because LIFE! (Damn!)

So, give you a better idea of how people are taking the new go-around at the doomed town, we’ve compiled a completely SPOILER-FREE list of reactions.

These are some of the funniest reactions we’ve seen this year.

This False Promise!

This False Promise

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This Joy of Arrival!

This Joy of Arrival

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This Eternal Dilemma!

This Eternal Dilemma

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This Flaw in Judgement!

This Flaw in Judgement

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This Deceit!

This Deceit

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This Fracture in Time!

This Fracture in Time

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This Commitment!

This Commitment

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This Realization of Truth!

This Realization of Truth

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This…Life? 🙁


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This Prediction!

This Prediction

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This Happiness!

This Happiness

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So, what’s up with you? Planning to catch up on Season 2 or are you actually in the state like the people above? Let us know in the comments section!