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Lili Reinhart Talks ‘Riverdale’, Says It Wasn’t Easy When People “Made Fun” Of The Show

As the popular show Riverdale wraps up its seven-season run, its lead actress, Lili Reinhart alongside Camila Mendes and more, have spoken out in response to the criticisms and mocking comments made by viewers online. The two stars, who play Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge on the hit TV series, talked about the show extensively in this new interview with Vulture, sharing the good and the bad.

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What did Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes & the others say about ‘Riverdale’?

In an interview with Vulture, the Riverdale cast looked back on their experience on the show, seven years and 135 episodes after the show’s premiere. During the conversation, which took place just before the actors went on strike, various cast members shared what they would not miss about the Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa-created show. Among them, Lili Reinhart admitted that it was not easy dealing with being constantly mocked by fans on social media. The actress went on to say that viewers often take clips out of context, not realizing the effort that goes into the show’s production.

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“But it’s really not been easy to feel that you’re the butt of a joke. We all want to be actors; we’re passionate about what we do. So when the absurdity of our show became a talking point, it was difficult.”

Lili Reinhart

Why is ‘Riverdale’ mocked so much online?

Riverdale, the popular television show based on the Archie Comics characters, was met with praise after its inaugural season in 2017. Unfortunately, as the subsequent seasons unfolded, the storylines grew increasingly more… weird…. and outlandish, leaving many viewers perplexed and disappointed. Despite its initial success, it all went wrong when the show’s latter seasons began to incorporate superpowered teenagers, time travel, alien abductions and more. Lili talks about the absurdity and hits back on harsh viewers, saying that it’s the “whole point” of the show.

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This resulted in fans taking clips or creating video compilations of the show’s moments “out of context,” which were then shared on social media. This generated a plethora of hardcore negative comments and reactions from viewers, who called out the show’s outlandish plots, poor dialogue, and acting. The show has also been made fun of for its use of controversial plot elements, and some fans have perceived the storylines as too soapy and dramatic.