‘Love and Hip-Hop’ Stars Arrested: Intense Brawl At Atlanta Lounge

Yesterday, three reality TV stars from the Love and Hip-Hop franchise were arrested after a brawl with security guards at an Atlanta-area lounge. According to Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News, Erica Mena and Addie ‘Bambi’ Richardson of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, and Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood cast member Rodney Shaw (also known as Zellswag) were at Lucca Lounge in Buckhead on August 25, when Atlanta police responded to a call regarding a dispute on the property. Shaw’s partner also uploaded a video discussing the incident online.

Why did Erica Mena, Addie Richardson & Rodney Shaw get arrested?

Source: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office / FOX

According to the Atlanta Police Department, officers arrived at Lucca Lounge in Buckhead at 11:40 local time on August 25, where they observed a physical altercation underway between a group of patrons and security personnel. Authorities state that the responding officer tried to calm the situation by communicating with the individuals involved, but this supposedly resulted in them becoming aggressive towards the officer. It is reported that security had previously asked the “unruly patrons” to depart the lounge on multiple occasions, but they apparently defied these instructions, leading to a physical confrontation.

Source:  Dipasupil / BET / Getty

The authorities then escorted the group — that included Love and Hip-Hop star Addie, Erica Mena Richardson, and Rodney Shaw, along with Kareem Cadet, who’s unaffiliated with the franchise — from Lucca Lounge and placed all four under arrest. They were eventually charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement and Mena and Shaw were also charged with simple battery. According to the official record Mena was also charged with simple battery against a police officer. TMZ shared a video of the incident, which allegedly depicts police and security personnel aggressively removing the group from the lounge.

Source: Love and Hip-Hop

What did Rodney Shaw’s partner Saucy Santana say about the incident?

Rodney Shaw’s partner, Love and Hip-Hop: Miami star and rapper Saucy Santana, addressed the situation in an Instagram video, claiming that he was present at Lucca Lounge but left when the brawl broke out. According to Santana, Shaw was not involved in a physical altercation with Erica Mena and Addie Richardson, but rather attempted to protect them. “He had got into it with the security or the authorities,” said the rapper. “He was with his homegirls. I was out with him and his friends… Erica was very belligerent. I don’t know, maybe she probably got too drunk, or whatever the case is. She was real wild last night.”

Source: Blair Caldwell

“She got into it with the security guards. It was like three or four big security on top of her. So, Zell was just being a man, and them his girls. He was just trying to de-escalate the situation. The people ended up tussling with Zell, and that’s how he ended up going to jail. I got the f— out of dodge because I don’t play that! Zell knows I don’t play that,” he continued. Ending the video after panning the camera towards the balcony where he and Shaw was sitting. “”I went and got my n—- out of jail,” the artist concluded. “Zell ain’t allowed to have no mo’ friends. Period!”