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Maddy Anholt: British Actor and Advocate Passes Away at 35

BBC Star Maddy Anholt Dies Of Brain Cancer, Aged 35

In a somber moment, the world mourns the loss of Maddy Anholt, the talented British actor and impassioned advocate, who has tragically passed away at the age of 35. Her family has revealed that Maddy lost her battle to a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, leaving a void in both the artistic and advocacy communities.

Maddy Anholt’s Courageous Battle Against Rare Brain Cancer with Grace and Love


After giving birth to her daughter Opal last year, Maddy faced a rare and aggressive brain cancer diagnosis. With remarkable courage, she underwent treatment supported by her family and husband, Ben. Her final weeks were spent at Sunflower House, her parents’ home, filled with love and the calming embrace of nature.

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Maddy Anholt’s Achievements: Actor, Marathon Runner, and Advocate for Women’s Aid

Maddy Anholt, who accomplished much in her relatively short life as a marathon runner, actress, speaker, and Women’s Aid Ambassador, had a notable career with appearances on BBC’s “Jerk” and ITV’s “The Emily Atack Show.”

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She also contributed to the podcast series “Sketchtopia” and starred in the short film “Kelly” alongside Scroobius Pip. Her GoFundMe page encouraged donations to Women’s Aid, her preferred charity.