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Magic Mike Starring Disney Princes Will Be The Best Thing You’ve Seen All Day

Magic Mike is a male stripper movie starring Channing Tatum.

It’s based on the real-life events of Tatum during his tenure as a male stripper in his youth and involves drugs, bad decisions, and gangs. A somewhat typical story about growing up in the rough part of town.

The thing that sets it apart from all the rest? It’s got stripper Channing Tatum!

Over at the Cosmopolitan, artist Isaiah Stephens created a series of illustrations depicting the movie, Magic Mike, but with one interesting twist. All the characters are replaced with Disney Princes.

Source: Cosmopolitan | Isaiah Stephens 

#1 Aladdin as Tito 


#2 Beast as Tarzan 


#3 Prince Eric as Ken Doll 

Prince Eric

#4 Kristoff as The Kid 


#5 Naveen as Malik


#6 Prince Charming as Magic Mike

Prince Charming

#7 Shang as Big Dick Richie


#8 John Smith as Dallas

John Smith