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Marcia de Rousse: ‘True Blood’ and ‘Disappointments Room’ Actor Passes Away at 70

‘True Blood’ Actress Marcia DeRousse Dies At 70

The world of entertainment mourns the loss of a talented performer, as Marcia de Rousse, known for her recurring role as Dr. Ludwig in HBO’s “True Blood” and her appearance alongside Kate Beckinsale in “The Disappointments Room,” has passed away at the age of 70. Her representatives at the Beverly Hecht Agency confirmed that she departed on September 2 after a prolonged battle with illness.

Marcia de Rousse’s Career: From ‘Under the Rainbow’ to ‘True Blood’

Source: Marcia DeRousse Facebook

Marcia de Rousse, a petite actress, began her journey in the 1981 comedy “Under the Rainbow” and went on to appear in shows like “The Fall Guy” and “St. Elsewhere” in the 1980s. She later resurfaced in the 2000s, earning recognition for her role as Dr. Patricia Ludwig in “True Blood,” where she treated supernatural beings. De Rousse’s portrayal spanned three episodes across different seasons, leaving a notable mark on the series.

Marcia de Rousse’s Role as Historian in ‘The Disappointments Room’

Source: Beverly Hecht Agency

In “The Disappointments Room,” de Rousse portrayed a local historian who delivers unsettling news to Dana (played by Kate Beckinsale), the buyer of the Blacker Estate. She reveals that the house’s former occupants had a hidden “disappointments room” in the attic.

This chilling space served as a dark secret where affluent families concealed their deformed or disabled children, adding a layer of mystery and horror to the storyline.