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Margot Robbie Spills The Beans On Barbie’s Iconic High Heel Scene

Margot Robbie On Barbie's Iconic High Heel Scene

In an exciting development, renowned actor Margot Robbie delves into the details of the Barbie film adaptation directed by Greta Gerwig. Robbie, known for her diverse performances, recently discussed one of the film’s standout moments—the iconic high heel scene.

As fans eagerly await the movie’s release, Robbie offers an intriguing glimpse into the behind-the-scenes magic, sharing insights into the intricacies and significance of this memorable scene.

Behind the Scenes of Filming Barbie’s Iconic High Heel Scene

Margot Robbie, in an interview, shared the details of filming the famous scene that showcases Barbie’s distinctively arched feet, as seen in the movie’s trailer. According to Robbie, the scene required around eight takes, with the actress using her own feet for the shots. To ensure the shoes remained secure, double-sided tape was placed on the floor. Robbie simply walked up, holding onto a bar without the need for a harness.

She emphasized her preference for performing her own actions, as she dislikes it when movies use hand doubles.

“I don’t like when I watch a movie and I know it’s not my hands. I hate that so much. I always say to the director, ‘Please let me do all my own things. I don’t like knowing that I didn’t do it.'”

Margot Robbie

Gerwig’s Barbie: Embracing Inner Beauty and Inclusivity

The upcoming Barbie movie, based on the popular toy line from Mattel, sees Barbie leaving her utopian homeland of Barbie Land for the real world. Director Greta Gerwig, along with co-writer Noah Baumbach, initially felt overwhelmed by the project but recognized its potential.

Actor Simu Liu, who portrays one of the Kens in the Barbie adaptation, commended Gerwig for her emphasis on inner beauty. Gerwig’s casting choices for key dance sequences reflect her commitment to inclusivity, sending a message that anyone can embody the essence of Barbie or Ken, regardless of appearance or background.

As we eagerly await the premiere on July 21, audiences can look forward to being captivated by the inspiring message and enjoyable narrative of the Barbie movie.