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You Will Surely Have Met Or Will Meet These Disney Men In College

Who said Disney is fiction?

Okay maybe it is technically true. Doesn’t mean that the characters are fictional though. Let me elaborate. I am quite sure you have watched a Disney movie and thought ‘Man that dude acts just like my friend x or y’.

And you wouldn’t be wrong either. That is why we have compiled some of the Disney men together and we are sure you must have met them in your college.

#1 Gaston – The selfish frat boy.


Did someone say party? Well this fella is surely going to be there. He will probably be quite swollen from all the push ups and whatnot. We don’t blame him either as he does have an entourage of girls following him around.

#2 Buzz Lightyear – The narcissist. 

Buzz Lightyear

This is the guy that just can’t help yourself from hating. He might not be a douche but he sure does love to be ‘perfect’ and loves to hang around people less perfect than he is.

#3 Scat Cat – The musician.

Scat Cat

This fella takes advertising and promotion to a whole new level. Whether you like his music or not, he will still send you invitations every time.

#4 Bobby – The stoner.


Is anyone really surprised?

#5 Tigger – The party animal.

#6 Hercules – The Athlete.


This is the fella that you don’t know whether to hate or love. He may have the strength of a God, however he is not one bit conceited. So it is quite a dilemma.

#7 Genie – The class clown.

He loves to make other people laugh. Even if that is at his own expense. I mean even teachers love him.

#8 Dodger – The free spirit. 


He is still not sure what he wants to do so he is just living his life till he figures it out.

#9 Kronk – The theater major. 

#10 Milo – The genius.

He may be a bit awkward now but we all know that he is going to be loaded in future.