This Mom Painted Her Daughter’s Room In Disney Style And The Results Are Magical!

Admit it. The fact that we all want to live in the world of our favorite fairytales from Disney is an open secret.

We all want to be surrounded by the awesomeness that’s the Disney characters all the time. But rarely do we ever get the chance.

Not if you’re Imgur user steamboy33. She decided to gift her daughter something verrrryyy special on her 2nd birthday as her daughter, like herself, is a BIG fan of Disney/Pixar and Studio Ghibli fan.

So, she took matters into her own hands (literally) and painted a mural featuring an oceanic theme and prominent characters from these studios and franchises, and the results are stellar!

Take a look at the process she underwent to bring the magic to life!

This is the Bare Wall of the Room Before the Painting!

This is the Bare Wall of the Room Before the Painting

Source: IG

Penciled-in Characters!

Penciled-in Characters

Source: IG

She used a square foot grid to transfer the design onto the wall, you can kind of see it on the wall there.

Sharpied-in Characters!

Sharpied-in Characters

Source: IG

The Various Paints She Used!

The Various Paints She Used

Source: IG

The Water Gets Painted First!

The Water Gets Painted First

Source: IG

A Close-up of Her Setup!

A Close-up of Her Setup

Source: IG

The Characters’ Colors Being Filled In!


Source: IG

Painting the Coral!

Painting the Coral

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Source: IG

Aaaaand It’s Back to Being Her Daughter’s Lovely Room!

Aaaaand It's Back to Being Her Daughter's Lovely Room

Source: IG

Amazing, isn’t it?

Have you ever done something like this?

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