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Netflix’s ‘Titanic’ Return: A Delicate Voyage Amidst Recent Titan Sub Tragedy

Controversy Surrounds Netflix's 'Titanic' Return Following Titan Sub Tragedy

In a surprising move that has stirred controversy, Netflix has announced the return of James Cameron’s iconic 1997 film, “Titanic,” to its streaming platform. Set to make its comeback on July 1 in the United States and Canada, the news arrives with unfortunate timing, just days after the tragic Titan submersible incident that claimed the lives of four passengers and the sub’s pilot.

As public sentiment still grapples with the shock of the recent tragedy, Netflix’s decision to release a trailer for a documentary on freediving, titled “The Deepest Breath,” has added fuel to the fire, sparking accusations of insensitivity and poor taste.

Amidst these circumstances, the question arises: Are viewers ready to revisit the Titanic’s ill-fated voyage, or is it too soon to delve back into such tragic waters?

Backlash Over Netflix’s Insensitivity: Titanic’s Return and The Deepest Breath Documentary Criticized

Netflix is receiving widespread criticism on social media for being insensitive in their recent decisions. Both the return of the film “Titanic” and the release of the documentary “The Deepest Breath” have sparked backlash.

Many users accuse the streaming platform of capitalizing on tragic events. They express their disapproval, stating that the timing is highly inappropriate. Some users believe that Netflix is overstepping boundaries and being disrespectful by trying to gain viewership during a time of mourning.

It is worth noting that the decision to bring back “Titanic” was made before the recent Titan incident, as it was reported in Netflix’s July films list. Licensing deals for films are typically arranged well in advance.

While “Titanic” has been available for streaming on Prime Video, Netflix released the trailer for “The Deepest Breath” after the submersible went missing but before the tragic outcome was known.

Although the documentary does not focus on the Titanic or submersibles, it follows Alessia Zecchini, the current world record holder in freediving.

James Cameron Draws Parallels between Titan Tragedy and Titanic’s Fate

Filmmaker James Cameron highlighted the concerns expressed by the community regarding the experimental nature of the submersible, similar to warnings given to the Titanic’s captain before its collision with an iceberg.

He expressed astonishment at the events unfolding at the same location and shared his intuition about the doomed fate of the submersible, pointing to its simultaneous electronic, communication, and tracking failures. Cameron described the experience as a nightmarish charade, with unsettling discussions preceding the discovery of the sub’s final position.