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Newen Studios Is Releasing A Documentary On Cleopatra That Reveals New Details On Her Life!

Newen Studios is a French media group that produces and distributes television content and recently, they revealed that they are coming out with a new documentary. Titled ‘Cleopatra: Cracking the Enigma’, this documentary will be four parts long and will be based on unprecedented excavations and never-before-seen footage. It will explore the mysterious life of the iconic Egyptian ruler and attempt to lift the veil on her true identity.

Is Newen Studios competing with Netflix?

This new Newen Studios documentary comes right on the heels of Netflix’s docudrama ‘Queen Cleopatra,’ which generated many headlines due to controversies surrounding the ethnicity of the lead actress, Adele James, as she is not of Egyptian decent. However, Newen Studios claims that it is not trying to ride the wave of Netflix’s controversy. Instead, they are hoping to capitalize on the “strong demand” for ancient history documentaries.

In addition to “Cleopatra: Cracking the Enigma,” Newen Studios is also planning on releasing two other documentaries at the La Rochelle confab. The first is titled ‘The Silent Battle,’ and it investigates the so-called “hybrid” war that is now raging under the radar in Europe. The second is the “immersive docuseries” that is titled ‘Face to Face,’ and it mainly focuses on how cohabitation between humans and animals is possible. All three documentaries are part of Newen’s “Sunny Side of the Doc” slate.

“When you look at Egyptology there are so many stories to be told. The idea is not to compete with Netflix, but we have great access and tangible proof that links a temple that sunk off Alexandria to Cleopatra. This is unique.”

Newen Head of Factual Distribution Chloé Persyn

What can we expect from ‘Cleopatra: Cracking the Enigma’?

Expected to be released this year, it promises to be a fascinating and informative documentary that will give us a new perspective on one of the most iconic figures in history. ‘Cracking the Enigma’ is being produced by Label News for French network RMC Découverte and based on the information we have so far, we can definitely expect new insights into Cleopatra’s life. Aside from this, there will be interviews with leading Egyptologists and historians included in the documentary, who will provide us with their expert views. We can also expect to see cutting-edge CGI technology that will be used to recreate the ancient world of Cleopatra, bringing her story to life in a new and immersive way.

The “Sunny Side of the Doc” slate is being shopped this week at the La Rochelle confab, and Newen Studios is hoping to use it to establish itself as a major player in the international doc market using it.