Want to Spend an Entire Night at Cinderella’s Secret Suite? Here’s How You Can!

magical story of Cinderella

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Who doesn’t know the magical story of Cinderella, the Disney Princess who gets it all in the end? And we bet that there have been more times than few when you’ve wondered how it would feel to be in Cinderella’s shoes. (Pun totally intended).

If you’ve always imagined yourself as a bit of a princess, then Disney is about to make good on its promise of “making dreams come true.”

Disney’s Orlando Theme Park is opening the gates to its Cinderella castle and the special secret suite nestled therein for sleepovers.

Disney’s Orlando Theme Park

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To say that it is one of the most exclusive rooms on the planet earth would be a huge understatement as it seldom opens in a year and that too only for either VVIPs or special competition winners. And on top of that, no one gets to stay in the room, let alone spend an entire night in it!

exclusive rooms on the planet earth

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The suite is designed like a room in a 17th century castle, four stories above the Magic Kingdom.

It was originally built for Walt Disney, but he passed away before it opened.

originally built for Walt Disney

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It features a cut-stone floor, mosaic art, hard-wood paneling and stained-glass windows.

features a cut-stone floor

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Now, Disney has teamed up with the charity “Give Kids the World Village”, which makes dreams come true for sick children, to give away a night in the suite for a person and their five guests. Once the park closes for the night, the guests then get to have a sleepover in the famous castle.

The stay also includes breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle, where diners are joined by some of the park’s princesses.

The six guests also get two-day Disney Park passes for each guest and will be flown to and from Orlando, courtesy of “Give Kids The World Village”.

Give Kids The World Village

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To enter the competition, the “Give Kids the World Village” needs a $10 (£7) donation – with all of the money going towards their charity work.

So, what do you say? Reckon a nightcap in magic land?