Nikki Reed Talks Welcoming Baby No. 2 With Ian Somerhalder In Tranquil Home Birth, Opens Up About ‘Transformative’ Experience

In a recent appearance on the Mother Daze podcast, Nikki Reed dishes out details on her incredible birthing experience when welcoming her and Ian Somerhalder’s second child in June. The actress also posted some heartfelt photos on Instagram, expressing her feelings about her home delivery by saying that it was “one of the most transformative” and poignant nights of her life, with her husband and midwives, Abby Vidikan and Johanna L. Storey, by her side. 

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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s Second Child: Birth Story

The Twilight actress recently explained on the Mother Daze podcast that her “little boy.. kicked and broke my water,” at around midnight while the couple were sleeping. When she woke up to realize her water had broken, the “Twilight” alum quickly told her husband, Ian Somerhalder. According to the mother-of-two, Ian’s reaction was a truly sight to behold. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” she recalled, saying that he acted like a cartoon character, yelling and flipping switches.

“He shoots up like a cartoon character and starts screaming at the top of his lungs. It must have caught him in a moment where it was like a bad dream or something, ’cause he shoots up and he starts running, races to the door and yells, ‘YOUR WATER BROKE!’ as he slams on all the lights.”

Nikki Reed
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After Nikki contacted her midwives, she was immediately instructed to get ready for the birth of her son, even though she mentions not feeling like she was in labor at that moment. A midwife then explained that the contractions would happen very shortly, leading her to the birth of her son, which the actress ended up announcing on June 29.

What did Nikki Reed say about the birthing experience and her midwives?

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Afterwards, Nikki expressed her gratitude for the presence and guidance of her midwives, who offered strong and constant support throughout the entire labor and birthing process. The 35-year-old wrote on Instagram, August 24: “When I think back at my birth, I cannot help but feel an almost indescribable love for the care I was given. They quite literally held me up when my body needed support, and have held me in every moment of uncertainty since. My goodness, birth is just so damn beautiful, and I am eternally grateful for the incredible birth workers out there who hold the hands and hearts of women as they bring their babies into the world.” So sweet! In the same post she also mentions that it “was one of the most transformative nights of my life, and walking through it again with these ladies was so sweet.”