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Pixar: An Interview With Pete Docter And The Elemental Premiere

Pixar’s creative director Pete Docter, sat down with an interview with The Hollywood Reporter where he gave us details on his early influences and muses at how differently Pixar’s younger and older fans react to their content. Pixar also is preparing for the release of their latest film ‘Elemental’ which comes out on June 16. They’ve begun with a bang, with the colorful premiere of ‘Elemental’ in Los Angeles last night.

What does Pete Docter have to say?

In this interview, Pete gave us wonderful insights into the world of Pixar. He said that he’s very well aware that kids and adults respond differently to different elements in their films. He reminisces on watching ‘Up’ with a family audience once and how after a screening a kid came up to Pete, and told him he “really liked it but there was one part that made him sad”. Docter, assuming the child was talking about the part where Ellie passes, was very shocked when the kid clarified that, “Yeah, when the bird hurt [her] foot, that was really sad.” When asked about how he thinks the ‘children’s storytelling landscape’ has changed over the past decade, Pete comments that he doesn’t “think of Pixar as making children’s programming” and hes not sure if he can answer that with any authority.

When he was asked about his early influences, he told The Hollywood Reporter that he “loved Sesame Street long beyond when it was socially acceptable” and used to tape the shows to be able to watch them later on.

“You can definitely see the influence of the Muppets in many of Pixar’s early films: They’re largely chaotic ensemble movies with broad comedic characters, but with a sense that deep down, everyone likes each other.”

Pete Docter

The ‘Elemental’ Premiere:

Last night in Los Angeles, Disney held a special red carpet event for Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures which is arriving in theaters in the US on June 16th, and in the UK on July 7. This colorful and exciting premiere was attended by the members of the voice cast including Leah Lewis in a stunning fiery dress as a tribute to her character ‘Ember Lumen’ and Mamoudou Athie in a sharp suit who played ‘Wade’, along with the filmmakers of ‘Elemental’. Also in attendance, were Bob Peterson (director) and Kim Collins (producer) who are the filmmakers behind the short film “Carl’s Date” which comes out in theaters right in front of “Elemental.”