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Prime Video Brings Roland Emmerich’s Gladiator Series ‘Those About To Die’ to Europe

Prime Gets ‘Those About to Die’ Across Europe

Acclaimed filmmaker Roland Emmerich’s latest series, “Those About to Die,” is heading to Prime Video in Europe. The thrilling gladiator show, produced by Centropolis, Hollywood Gang, and Street Entertainment, has secured a significant distribution deal. With support from High End Productions, a partnership by Herbert G. Kloiber and Constantin Film, the series promises captivating storytelling and top-notch production values.

Roland Emmerich’s ‘Those About to Die’ Set to Conquer European Screens on Prime Video

Peacock series “Those About to Die” breaks the norm, as it lands on Prime Video across Europe. Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and more have secured rights to the captivating gladiator series.

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While Prime Video will exclusively stream the series during its distribution window, negotiations for free TV rights with various European licensees are still underway, as confirmed by Constantin Film.

Anthony Hopkins Leads in Peacock’s Spectacular Roman Drama

Experience the grandeur of the Roman Empire with Anthony Hopkins as Emperor Vaspasian in Peacock’s captivating original. Amidst the boredom and unrest, the Roman population is captivated by the thrill of chariot racing and gladiator fights, and the Circus Maximus races, controlled by powerful factions, ignite fierce competition in Rome.

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With an incredible cast, including Iwan Rheon, Tom Hughes, Sara Martins, and Gabriella Pession, and directed by Roland Emmerich and Marco Kreuzpaintner, this gripping series is penned by Oscar-nominee Robert Rodat. The grand spectacle awaits!