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‘Star Trek’ Series Sets Course for Paramount+ in Canada

Paramount+ Takes ‘Star Trek’ Series To Canada

Calling all Star Trek fans in Canada! Paramount+ has become the celestial home of Star Trek content in Canada, bidding farewell to local streamer Crave. “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” is set to make its debut on Paramount+ Canada, launching a new era of intergalactic adventures.

This momentous move comes as Paramount+ Canada becomes the exclusive international service for the studio’s flagship streamer without original Star Trek content.

Star Trek Coming Soon On Paramount+ Canada

Paramount+ is making big moves in Canada as it brings the renowned Star Trek universe to its streaming platform. Bid farewell to Crave as Paramount+ repatriates the Star Trek catalog of around 800 TV episodes and 12 feature films.

Exciting times lie ahead as “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” and “Star Trek: Picard” beam onto Paramount+ Canada in August. Meanwhile, Canadian viewers can still catch Star Trek on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel, airing on the same day it premieres on Paramount+ in the U.S. market. This shift highlights the growing impact of U.S. streaming platforms in the Canadian TV landscape.

Katrina Kowalski Thrilled as Paramount+ Becomes Canadian Home for ‘Star Trek’ Franchise

Katrina Kowalski, the VP of content at Paramount+ and Pluto TV Canada, expressed her excitement over the move on Tuesday.

Source: Paramount Global

“Star Trek is one of the most iconic TV brands in the world. In the decades since the first series premiered in 1966, the franchise has evolved, growing and inspiring its audience with expansive storytelling and a diverse cast of characters. We are so thrilled Paramount+ is now the Canadian streaming destination for the catalog.”

Katrina Kowalski

Additionally, the streaming platform will feature new series, “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy” and “Star Trek: Section 31,” both produced by CBS Studios at their west Toronto studio complex.