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Prince Harry Gets Emotional While Giving Testimony Amid Phone Hacking Case

The senior royal and husband to former actress Meghan Markle, was one of more than a hundred people suing MGN (Mirror Group Newspapers Limited), accusing them of many illegal acts between 1991 and 2011 including phone hacking. The royal’s days in court have dropped a lot of bombshells as the case has dug deep into his personal life and childhood. At the end of Prince Harry’s 8 hour testimony on June 7, he could be seen visibly choked up at the witness stand. This is what we know:

What happened at Prince Harry’s testimony?

On his second day of testifying in the phone hacking case against MGN, Harry looked very tired and upset, seen in courtroom sketches with his head down and his body slumped in his seat. Right after Harry’s lawyer (David Sherborne) wrapped up questioning, with the royal looking visibly emotional, he asked the prince how he felt. The Duke of Sussex teared up on the witness stand claiming, “It’s a lot.” The court unpacked alot on the first day of questioning as well where Harry had to reflect back on his late mother Princess Diana’s relationship with the press. He also slammed rumors claiming that he wasn’t the biological son of King Charles III. On top of this, he brought up how the press was the reason for the split between Harry and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Court sketch: Source

“For my whole life, the press misled me, covered up the wrongdoing, and sitting here in court knowing that the (respondents have) the evidence in front of them and for (opposition lawyer) Mr. Green to suggest I’m speculating… I’m not sure what to say about that”

Prince Harry about his day in court

Why is Prince Harry suing MGN?

The prince alleges that about 140 articles that were published by MGN, who is the publisher behind ‘Daily Mirror’, ‘The People’ and the ‘Sunday Mirror’, contained information that was gathered through unlawful methods and has caused him distress. Basically MGN stands accused of phone hacking and using other illicit means to get details about his private life, and have ruined many relationships for the duke. Until now, thirty-three of those articles have been considered at the trials and discussed in detail by the lawyers and Harry.