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‘Nancy Drew’: Cancelation Leaves Executive Producer Larry Teng Furious, “Plain F–king Disrespect”

The Nancy Drew producer’s frustration over the show’s cancellation is no secret ever since he took to social media to express his distaste for CW, the studio behind the well-loved show. While fans were aware that the series’ end was near since last October, the creative team was taken by surprise by the decision made by CW’s new management which ultimately left them with insufficient time to craft a satisfactory end to the show. Here’s what we know:

What did producer Larry Teng say about the cancellation of ‘Nancy Drew’?

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Late on Thursday, executive producer Larry Teng took to X (previously known as Twitter) to share his frustration after the fourth and final season of the mystery drama aired its finale this week. “From what I’ve read, the reaction to the series finale have been mostly positive,” he began. “Now imagine if you watched that finale without us knowing it would be the last episode of #NancyDrew ever. Because that’s what almost happened.” In the shocking text post, Teng disclosed that the creative team only became aware of the show’s cancellation while they were deep in the process of scripting the finale. The surprising revelation came about purely by chance, as the studio had contacted the network regarding an unrelated cast scheduling issue.

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“It was then, [the president of the new CW] said to us ‘Oh, we’re not picking you up,’” the producer wrote. “‘The show is too expensive.’ Had our Studio not made that call, who knows if we would’ve ever been told. At that point in the season there were only four episodes left to shoot and the writers were already breaking the finale.” Continuing, Teng stated: “What a fucking shitty way of telling us we were getting canceled,” he continued. “Thank God the Studio called. Because you all deserved the most proper ending possible. That’s why I praise the writers for pulling it together at the end. It was so glib.” Concluding the post Larry thanked the fans, saying that he’s “glad” they “enjoyed the finale. You deserved that. Long live our #Drewds and the #DrewCrew.” CW has declined to comment.

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“No consideration for letting [the creators] give you a proper goodbye. No closure. No consideration for the fandom who support and watch this show. I’ve been pissed at the upper brass of this new CW since November. They suck. They have every right to turn a profit … which means canceling shows. But to have clearly known in advance and not tell us until a random call 3/4 into our season is just plain fucking disrespect.”

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