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Scott Disick Regrets How He Treated Ex Girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, Focuses on ‘Moving On’

Scott Disick Focuses on 'Moving On'

Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s three children, Mason (13), Penelope (10) and Reign (8), has had it rough. During the course of his decade long on and off relationship with Kourtney, he proposed many times but was turned down. A few years after their split, Kardashian announced her engagement to Travis Barker. The pair had three separate weddings 2 years later. Apparently Scott found it difficult to deal with how quickly Kourtney had moved on. He also mentions that he will ‘always regret’ the mistakes he made regarding the mother of his children.

What does Scott Disick have to say about the situation?

They reportedly broke up in July 2015 after rumors that Scott had cheated on Kourtney. Disick has stated many times that he regrets the way he treated his ex-girlfriend and he found it hard to move on from her and the relationship that they had. He had hopes that they would get back together at some point. Recently he seems to have accepted that the split is final and that he can do nothing but to move on, following Kourtney’s wedding to Barker. Scott has mentioned being focused on ‘moving on’ and being a good co-parent to his kids.

“Scott will always have regrets about how he treated Kourtney and handled their relationship. He is focusing on moving on, accepting his faults, and trying to learn from his mistakes.”

Insider about how Scott feels

The relationship between Kourtney and Scott now:

Kourtney and Scott have a good relationship as co-parents and friends. Scott said that the Kardashians were his only family (after his mother and father passed away), and an insider has commented that they see each other relatively often. They’re just focused on bringing their kids up together and being amazing friends in the meantime.

The source further added that it isn’t a ‘toxic situation for anyone in the family’ and that they’ve moved past ‘any difficulties’ that they had. Her and Barker are supposedly doing amazing as well. We wish them all the best!