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Showtime’s Content Cut: ‘Gattaca’ Reboot and Mandy Patinkin’s ‘Seasoned’ Among 4 Shows Dropped

Showtime Drops 'Seasoned,' 'Sweetness,' 'Gattaca,' and 'Split'

Showtime, the premium cable network led by Chris McCarthy, has recently made some significant choices regarding its content lineup. In a surprising move, the network has decided to pass on four projects, indicating a change in its programming strategy. Among the affected shows is the “Gattaca” reboot, which would have brought back the creators of “Homeland,” Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.

Additionally, the comedy series “Seasoned,” based on the lives of popular couple Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody, has also been dropped despite previously receiving a series order. Two other projects, “Split” and “Sweetness,” which were still in the development phase, have also been left behind.

Showtime’s Programming Shift: Plans for Future Content Strategy

The decision made by Showtime has left fans and industry insiders wondering about the network’s direction and priorities. However, Sony Pictures Television, the production company behind Gattaca and Sweetness, has expressed its intention to explore other avenues for both projects.

When approached for comment, Showtime refrained from providing any official statement regarding the rejection of the four projects.

McCarthy aims to prioritize investment in Showtime’s owned intellectual property rather than licensed content. This shift aligns with his strategy of creating multiple-series franchises, as seen with shows like Billions and Dexter, which are set to expand further. The Chi is also rumored to receive a similar treatment.

Upcoming on Showtime’s roster are the final season of Billions, ongoing series The Chi, and new additions such as Fellow Travelers and The Curse. McCarthy’s overarching content strategy centers around anti-heroes, powerful worlds, and diverse cultures, reflecting his vision for the network’s future direction.

Showtime Drops Seasoned, Sweetness, Gattaca, and Split

Seasoned, a comedy series with a six-episode order, revolved around the amusing and committed married life of Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody. Sweetness, a female-driven anthology, explored the lives of widows, schoolgirls, and intriguing characters.

Gattaca, an adaptation of the dystopian film, envisioned a future with genetic discrimination. Split, a propulsive thriller, delved into the double life of Josh Solomon.

Showtime’s recent decisions have left these projects behind, reflecting it’s ongoing content refinement.

While fans and industry insiders may lament the missed opportunities, Showtime continues to refine its programming strategy, seeking new directions and finding exciting stories for its audience.