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10+ Surprising Details In Disney Movies That You Probably Never Noticed

Are you a good observer? Let’s find out today!

It’s pretty common to overlook tiny details when you’re completely engrossed into something interesting. However, sometimes the details that we consider insignificant holds information that can change our perspective. So, always remember that no detail is unimportant no matter how small it may seem.

To show you just how true that is we have made a list of scenes from different Disney movies that shows important details that most of us never noticed. Scroll on below and test your memory!

No one was missed out in the credit scenes of the movie Cars (2006).

The movie Inside Out portrays emotions in such a manner that it’s being used to better communicate with children.

The closing shot of Toy Story 3 indirectly shows the opening shot of Toy Story (1995).

Zootopia fixed a problem that is otherwise easily spotted by viewers.

One of the Kakamoras in Moana shows Baymax from Big Hero 6.

In Up, the buildings at the back were fully developed at the end.

The after credits of Finding Dory shows that Jacques’ (cleaner shrimp) bag is the cleanest of all.

When Aladdin flies through Greece, he throws an apple at Jasmine. In Ancient Greece, throwing an apple at someone meant proposing them.

Judy Hopp’s iPod in Zootopia shows puns that are made in reference to bands and artists.

In Cars, the Truckstop advertised “convertible waitresses” which basically meant ‘topless cars.’

The garbage man in Toy Story 3 was actually Sid from Toy Story (1995).

In Beauty and the Beast (2017), after Cogsworth became a human, his mustache still remained uneven just like the two hands of a clock.

In the ending credits of Frozen, they included a statement about Kristoff and his beliefs regarding boogers.

The cactus in the background turns into a Llama after Yzma pours her drink into it.

Upon looking closely, the classic Pixar Lamp can be found among the stars in the opening of Toy Story 2.

In a scene in Monsters Inc, Jesse from the Toy Story was seen among Boo’s other toys.

A Villager in Moana made a subtle remark about the Chicken who tried to eat the rock.

The Force Awakens and The Spectre were coincidentally filmed in the same studio. As a result, Daniel Craig was given a cameo in the movie where he says: “You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.” “Scavenger Scum.”

The rug Hercules wore in the movie was actually Scar from The Lion King.

When Jack Sparrow told the bone bribing prisoners that the “dog will never move,” it was actually a clever reference to the audio-animatronic in the Disneyland’s Dark Ride which didn’t move since the day it opened in 1967.

In Monsters Inc, the paint on the scare floor’s bell wore away suggesting that the bell rang all the time.

In Toy Story, Andy’s handwriting got better with his age.

In Ratatouille, the shadow of the dog that Remi faced was actually Doug from Up.

In Wall-E, Auto was gradually getting close to the camera which reflected his eventual takeover of the Axiom.

Even in the form of a hawk, Maui’s hook was visible on his right wing.

In Zootopia, Nick’s hanky was a part of his scout’s uniform from the time he was little.

In The Incredibles, Helen knew the scraps of the plane were about to fall on them as she saw it moments before in the reflection.

In Tangled, Mother Gothel kissed Rapunzel’s hair instead of her forehead as that was her source of youth.

The mime in the background of Ratatouille was actually Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles.

A clear distinction between the new X marks and the old X marks was seen on Mike’s Calendar in The Monsters University.

In Treasure Planet, a stuffed toy of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch was seen sitting on the shelf in young Jim Hawkin’s room.

In The Princess and the Frog, Dr Facilier’s shadow revealed the skulls on the wallpaper of his shop.

Sid’s rocket in Toy Story (1995) was actually bought from ‘Ill Eagle Fireworks.’

Toy Story paid tribute to Alien by showing the chest-buster scene as a Whack-A-Mole game in Pizza Planet.

The floor design in The Shinning and in the Toy Story were exactly the same.

So, did you notice these details when you first watched these movies? Let us know in the comments below.