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The Return Of Art The Clown? ‘Terrifier 3’ Scheduled To Release In 2024!

Great news for all horror film lovers! After ‘Terrifier 2’ was a hit in the box office, ‘Terrifier 3’ is said to be in production with an even bigger budget and the scariest depiction yet of Art The Clown. Nobody expected a maniacal, sadistic clown using gruesome methods to viciously torture and murder its victims to become so popular so fast. Terrifier 1 came out in 2016, followed with Terrifier 2 in 2022. For the third installment in this series, filming is expected to begin in November or December this year, with a projected release in late 2024 with The Coven handling worldwide sales.

What is the budget for Terrifier 3?

The budget for ‘Terrifier 2’ was an incredible 250,000 USD and apparently the budget for the next ‘Terrifier’ is supposed to be way bigger, in the low to mid seven figure range. The founder of the France-based distribution company The Coven, Priscilla Ross Smith has stated that “There will be a much bigger budget this time around” which is obviously intended to “give the filmmakers more creative freedom” and to let them be “as wild as they can be”. She also added that they’re going for an Oscar win with ‘Terrifier 3’.

Terrifier 3 will be another boundary-pushing addition to the horror genre, continuing the no holds barred, uncompromising exploits fans of the franchise have come to expect and celebrate”

Damien Leone on Terrifier 3

Are there any details for the plot of Terrifier 3?

Producer Phil Falcone and Director Damien Leone are returning to oversee the continuation of this franchise. When asked about the plot, Deadline notes that it’s been kept under wraps but “David Howard Thornton (Art The Clown) and Lauren LaVera (Sienna) are among cast expected to return.” Other than this, Damien Leone also added that “If you thought Art the Clown’s reign of terror in part 2 was extreme, you haven’t seen anything yet”. Our takeaway from this is that even though Terrifier 2 had people passing out and throwing up in their seats, prepare yourself to experience even more gore this time around!