The 4th Season Of Scorpion Is Coming, Find Out What To Expect From It

Our beautiful nerds will be with us for another year, starting tomorrow! Will we finally see Paige and Walter kiss? We do not know yet but we’ll tell you more about this new season of Scorpion.

What can we expect in this new season of Scorpion

The first thing to know is that, even though they return this 25, the star Gabel will immediately leave a long pause and will return in episode 2, on October 30.

Happy and Toby

In the opening episode, Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) will continue to adjust to their new life as a married couple.

The executive producer of the show, Nick Santora, has given a preview of this new season, saying that like all things, the answers can be found in elementary school: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes something in a baby carriage”, referring to what we could expect from this couple.

Happy and Toby
Via: TV Insider

Although Happy and Toby come to have a child is not something that will immediately pass, as Santora said, it will be according to the natural progression for the couple.

Walter and Paige

On the other hand, we can also expect a development towards the relationship between Walter (Gabel) and Paige (Katharine McPhee). In the last episodes of season three, Paige and Walter finally confessed their feelings for each other.

After this episode, Gabel commented to a website that once the feelings appeared would be the beginning of an even bigger story, commented that:

“It seems that the circle is finally a circle, in a way. Not to become totally spiritual about it, but it feels like this was the place that we wanted to go in. It is the conclusion of a part of the story, and it definitely opens the opportunity for another story to be born too.”

Walter and Paige
Via: Breathe Cast

Similarly, McPhee is anxious about how Paige and Walter will deal with their new dynamic relationship. After all, we know that she has difficulty expressing her emotions.

The other members of Team Scorpion also would have to adapt to Paige and Walter being all the others in the next episodes.


By the promotional videos we can see that Scorpion is going to be full of good music, at least in his first episode. We do not know more than this, however we leave the videos for you to enjoy while you wait the start of the season.

Popularity so far

Currently the series with Elyes Gabriel, Robert Patrick and Katharine McPhee has about 7.26 million viewers, implying a 25% growth over the second season.

Even so, the series does not yield so much in the band of public between the 18 and the 49 years. That’s why many believe that next season will be the last, since with four seasons it is much easier to sell the entire show to be broadcast in other chains.

Do you think that the fourth season involves the possibility of much more Scorpion or, on the contrary, the definitive end is near? Let us know in the comments.