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10 Things That You Should Definitely Spend Some Money On And 5 Things That You Shouldn’t

Tempted to spend that extra cash?

Well there are many activities at Disney World that are definitely worth it. However, there are also some that might just waste your time an money.

So that is exactly the reason we have made this list to tell you about 10 activities that are totally worth it and 5 that aren’t. So why not take a look and be wary next time you visit Walt Disney World.

Things that you should spend your money on:

#1 It is totally worth it spend some extra to stay at a moderate or a deluxe resort.

deluxe resort
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#2 Try not to miss out on dining with your favorite Disney characters.

Disney characters
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#3 Try to stay for more than one day at Disney World.

Try to stay for more than one day at Disney World
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#4 It is totally worth it to splurge on one-of-a-kind souvenir from Disney World.

souvenir from Disney World
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#5 A theme park tour is always a must whenever you visit a Disney Park.

visit a Disney Park
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#6 Definitely go see the La Nouba by Cirque De Soleil.

La Nouba by Cirque De Soleil
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#7 Have dinner at a five diamond restaurant Victoria & Albert’s.

five diamond restaurant Victoria
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#8 Celebrate one of the holidays at the Magic Kingdom.

Celebrate one of the holidays at the Magic Kingdom
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#9 Get your kid a total princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
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#10 Have a four course meal with an Imagineer at Brown Derby’s private Bamboo Room.

private Bamboo Room
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Things that you should not spend your money on: 

#1 Never buy a park-hopping pass as it is impossible to experience a whole park fully in one day.

spend your money
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#2 Never buy generic souvenirs like pens, albums e.t.c.

albums e.t.c
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#3 Try to save some cost by bringing in your own snacks rather than constantly buying them.

constantly buying
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#4 And bring your own water bottle as it can cost you quite a lot when you are constantly walking around Disney World.

Disney World

#5 Purchasing a Disney Dining Plan might seem like a cheaper idea but it really isn’t.

Purchasing a Disney
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