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Tucker Carlson’s Surprising Exit: The Mystery Behind His Departure from Fox News

Tucker Carlson's Views About His Departure from Fox News

In a puzzling turn of events, Tucker Carlson, the former primetime host of Fox News, finds himself in a state of uncertainty over his sudden departure from the airwaves on April 24. Expressing his confusion during a conversation with Russell Brand, Carlson openly admits that he does not know the reasons behind his firing and surprisingly claims not to harbor any anger or resentment towards the decision.

Tucker Carlson Wasn’t Mad About His Departure from Fox News

During a recent interview on Russell Brand’s podcast, Tucker Carlson expressed his thoughts;

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“I was surprised. I didn’t you know expect to get fired that morning at all in April. So, I was shocked, but I wasn’t really shocked. And I wasn’t mad. It’s not my company. And when you work for someone else, that person reserves the right and in fact has inherently the right to decide whether you work there or not.”

Tucker Carlson

While he wishes Fox well, tensions between the parties have arisen over contract disputes and his new Twitter show. The interview covered various topics, including Carlson’s newfound support for Donald Trump, rural life, architecture, and his views on the January 6 Capitol attack. When discussing his departure from Fox and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Carlson shared conflicting opinions, acknowledging the network’s past support while speculating that criticism of the war may have played a role in his exit.

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Controversies Surrounding Tucker Carlson’s Departure from Fox News

Tucker Carlson’s unexpected exit from Fox News followed the network’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over false election claims. Leaked internal correspondences, including Carlson’s critical remarks on Donald Trump and the Stop the Steal movement, added to the turmoil.

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Additionally, Carlson faced a lawsuit from a former producer regarding a “toxic workplace culture,” settled for $12 million. The dispute extended to his contract, non-compete agreement, leaked behind-the-scenes footage, and allegations of leaked private communications.

While Carlson partially disagreed with the suggestion of Fox’s involvement in the leaks, the network refrained from commenting on his remarks.