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10+ Tumblr Things That Only Marvel Fans Can Understand

I do miss the time before Infinity war.

Because (Spoiler Alert) Everyone was alive back then and we were happy as an audience. However, Marvel ruined it for us with their last movie. And they might have said that every death is permanent in this movie.

I sure hope that it is not true because they might lose a lot of fans that way. Although today we are not here for that. Today we are going to reminisce the good old times.

And that means going to tumblr and presenting you with hilarious things about Marvel Universe that is 99% accurate. So scroll down below and take a look.

#1 Odin don’t give a sh*t.

#2 That pretty much sums it up.

#3 They ain’t lying. Being pink-purple doesn’t automatically make you fashionable.

#4 I see what you did there.

#5 The audience will believe anything.

#6 I hope they were lying.

#7 Who is the 5th Chris? Chris Brown?

#8 So he really is smarter than the others.

#9 Don’t remind me!

#10 Don’t worry Peter, You’ll ge there one day.

#11 Well, That is kinda true.

#12 We all love him and that is clouding our judgement.

#13 Nope, It still hurts.

#14 We love Val right? Or atleast her fashion sense.

#15 Don’t spoil it for me!

#16 Okay now you’re just pulling at my heart strings.

#17 Why can’t he listen to someone once?

#18 So you’re basically Loki?

#19 Yah, That will make anyone sad.

#20 I think you made Squidward angry.

#21 Exactly!

#22 Because why not?

#23 But he is quite old right?

#24 I’m sure Tony Stark would have more knowledge.

#25 Because who cares?

#26 It happens to the best of us.

#27 Awwww.

#28 Yup, Very accurate.

#29 He is new, He will learn.