These Are The TV Shows That Will Disappear From Netflix In October

Titles like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Gossip Girl’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will no longer be available on the platform in the near future


Some of the most resounding successes of recent times will disappear from Netflix in less than a month. If you are a subscriber and fan of series like ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’ you should know that they will not be available from next October 18, but they will not be the only ones. A total of up to 20 are dismissed before the end of October.

The reason for the elimination of these shows is that between the parties a contract is signed which collects the time of exploitation of the rights of each production. This formalism complies in brief and therefore will abandon platforms like Netflix. These are, by dates, the series that will be coming out of the catalog:

September 30th:

September 30th

  • The Big Bang Theory.
  • The Prince of Bel Air.
  • Death Note.
  • The House Next Door.

October 1st:

  • 30 Rock: Seasons 1 – 7.
  • Friday Night Lights: Seasons 1 – 5.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: Seasons 1 – 7.
  • My Name Is Earl: Seasons 1 – 4.
  • One Tree Hill: Seasons 1 – 9.
  • Prison Break: Seasons 1 – 4.
  • The Bernie Mac Show: Seasons 1 – 5.
  • The Wonder Years: Seasons 1 – 6

October 10th:

October 10th

  • The Walking Dead.

October 14th:

  • The Heavy Water War.
  • The Story of Film.
  • Heartland.
  • Lego: Friends.

October 15th:

  • Raburein Kazenban.

October 18th:

October 18th

  • Battlestar Galactica.
  • Lie To Me.
  • Terra Nova
  • The Dovekeepers.
  • South Pacific.
  • Yellowstone.
  • Gossip Girl.
  • Strike Back.

October 19th:

  • The Cleveland Show: Seasons 1 – 4

October 21st:

October 21st

  • Bones: Seasons 5 – 11.

October 27th:

  • Lie to Me: Seasons 2 – 3.
  • Louie: Seasons 1 – 5.

October 29th:

October 29th

  • Family Guy: Seasons 9 – 14.

If you are a fan of any of these series you must keep in mind these dates to see them before they leave the streaming service.