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Here’s What Happens When Your Favorite Cartoons Meet The Grim Reaper

My childhood has been completely ruined.

Whever we watch cartoons, we never think of the fact that they are going to die one day. I mean nobody likes to think that because in our hearts, these characters are truly immortal.

Today however, you are going to have to think about that. Because we have compiled all the artwork where Artists drew our favorite characters as dead. You have been warned since this is not for the light-hearted.

#1 Tinky Winky. 

Tinky Winky
Via Urm

I never thought I’d say that.

#2 Catdeath. 

Via Dead Dog

I actually used to think that when I was a kid.

#3 The little mermaid. 

The little mermaid
Via Misery GK

Why is her tail so spiky?

#4 Elsa. 

Via WolfMarian

Will Anna die too?

#5 Up sandy creek.

Up sandy creek
Via WolfMarian

Did Spongebob finlly go crazy?

#6 Stitch. 

Via WolfMarian

But how did he die?

#7 Rainbow Smash. 

Rainbow Smash
Via All Mystery

His wings stop working?

#8 Skid Bob. 

Skid Bob
Via Funny Junk

This is hilarious and sad at the same time.

#9 Winnie the pooh. 

Winnie the pooh
Via Glogster

Gues honey wasn’t enough for him.

#10 Mickey the mouse. 

Mickey the mouse
Via Unknown

He finally got trapped in a mouse trap then?

So what did you think of the deaths of your favorite character? Comment down below and let us know!