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James Bond: Who Will Replace Daniel Craig As Agent ‘007’?

The James Bond series follows James Bond, a British Secret Service agent that was created by writer Ian Fleming originally. The character is also famously known by the code number 007. The first James Bond film was produced in 1962 (‘Dr. No’ with Sean Connery as Bond), while the most recent film came out in 2021, titled “No Time To Die” starring Daniel Craig. Craig is the sixth actor to play Bond across the 25 Eon films. After Daniel announced his departure from the franchise, “who will be next?” was the question left behind.

Roger Moore’s son and his comments on the James Bond casting:

Roger Moore played James Bond in seven feature films between 1973 and 1985. Geoffrey “Jaffa” Moore, the son of the late Roger Moore, told The Express in an interview recently that he believes that the next James Bond should be English like the actual character. He claimed it was “ridiculous to hire an American” for this role even if they had a perfect English accent.

“I mean, there’s a lot of talent out there, but he has to be English. It’s ridiculous to consider Bond being an American. You know, even if he’s got a flawless accent, he’s got to be British. It is an English franchise.”

Geoffrey Moore about the new ‘007’

Who are the most likely contenders for this role?

The search for Craig’s successor is likely to be a slow one but that didn’t stop die-hard fans of the franchise to heavily speculate on who will be the next Bond. The fan favorite is currently British actor Paapa Essiedu, with James Norton, Tom Hardy, Regé Jean-Page and Henry Cavill on the top 10 list as well. The star of ‘Kick Ass’ Aaron Taylor-Johnson is also supposedly in the mix. Some people have commented that there might be a woman cast into the role, which would be incredible if it wasn’t highly unlikely (unfortunately).