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Zendaya’s Aspirations: From Villain Roles To Directing In The Spotlight

Zendaya Wants To Direct A Movie And Play A Villain In The Future

Zendaya, the multi-talented star of “Dune” and “Euphoria,” recently opened up about her ambitions and dreams for the future of her career. In a candid interview with Elle, conducted before the onset of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Zendaya shared her desire to explore new horizons in the world of entertainment. From taking on villainous roles to aspiring to direct, Zendaya’s vision for her future in the industry promises exciting possibilities.

Zendaya’s Ambitions: Playing a Villain, Directing, and Teaching

During a pre-SAG-AFTRA strike interview, Zendaya delved into her career ambitions. When asked about her future roles, she expressed a desire to explore the world of villains, emphasizing the opportunity to tap into their emotional complexity rather than limiting it to a superhero context. The star, known for her portrayal of virtuous characters, welcomed the prospect of playing a “bad guy.”

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Beyond acting, Zendaya shared her passion for directing, a path she hopes to pursue within the industry. Outside of entertainment, she envisioned a career in education, following in her parents’ footsteps as a teacher. Her love for children, learning, and teaching fuels this alternative path.

Zendaya’s Debut Role: Silent Silkworm in ‘James and the Giant Peach’

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Zendaya reminisced about her early acting experience, auditioning for a school play at just seven or eight years old. Despite her shyness, she courageously pursued the opportunity.

In “James and the Giant Peach,” she landed a non-speaking role as the silkworm, a character that required her to lie still on stage. Zendaya takes pride in this memory, emphasizing that there are no small roles in the world of acting.